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Facing criminal charges in Victorville, CA, can be challenging unless you have a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer. The quality and skill of attorneys in California can vary widely, and you do not want to find out in court that you chose poorly. The right legal representation can make or break your ability to fight criminal charges.

Moody Law offers a team of Victorville criminal defense attorneys with the talent, knowledge, and professionalism to develop a strong defense tailored to your circumstances. No matter how complex your case is, we will do everything possible to reduce the consequences you might face.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Help You Fight Any Charge

Our attorneys offer the credentials, experience, and ability to defend you against any charges you are facing. California classifies hundreds of actions as criminal, and each requires a different approach for an effective defense. We listen to your story and put our understanding of the law to work as we customize a strategy for you.

Our team has worked with individuals charged with many crimes, including:

  • Driving under the influence: Even though some drugs are legalized in California, driving while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol is outlawed. The state is very harsh on these DUI charges, which carry jail time even for your first offense.
  • Drug crimes: The manufacture, possession, and trafficking of drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, LSD, and opioids are also punished harshly in California. These charges can be escalated to federal offenses if the activity crosses state lines.
  • Internet crimes: Covering a wide range of offenses, internet crimes involve online activity such as identity theft, credit card fraud, child pornography, and cyberstalking. 
  • Juvenile offenses: California administers a separate juvenile system for crimes committed by individuals under the age of 18. Although minors are not charged as adults, they will still suffer long standing effects from a conviction. 
  • Sex crimes: Any criminal action involving rape, sexual assault, or child pornography is considered a sex crime. Along with jail time and fines, you will be required to register as a sex offender if you are convicted.
  • Theft: Any crime where the suspect takes property from another person without that person’s consent constitutes a form of theft. This term covers charges such as petty theft, grand theft, shoplifting, and burglary.
  • Violent crimes: Murder, domestic violence, assault, and assault and battery are considered violent crimes. In some situations, the offense is considered aggravated (usually with the presence of a weapon), which increases the punishment.
  • White-collar crimes: These crimes usually occur in the workplace or through a business front and include bribery, corporate fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering. Anyone who commits insider trading, money laundering, or insurance fraud can also be charged.

Convictions for these crimes can affect your ability to find or keep a job after you finish your sentence. You could also lose custody of your children and damage your reputation among your friends and family. Avoiding or reducing your charges is critical to returning to your life before the arrest. Our Victorville criminal defense lawyers are committed to helping you reduce the chances of a conviction as much as possible. 

Protecting Your Future Starts the Moment You Are Charged

You may or may not be surprised when you are arrested by law enforcement for criminal offenses. Regardless of your circumstances, you should keep calm and focus on protecting your rights. You may think you can talk your way out of the charges, but anything you say really can be used against you. The best advice is to stay quiet and be polite.

Law enforcement officers and prosecutors will do their best to trip you up and get you to talk. They will tell you they know everything and you should give up. They are trained to do anything, even tell lies, to get you to confess. Prosecutors know that if they can get you to damage your case, they have a better chance of conviction.

Criminal charges are extremely serious in California, and you should not take any chances with your freedom. Follow these recommendations instead:

Stay Silent and Be Polite

As mentioned before, you should say as little as possible to anyone as soon as you are arrested. No one in the justice system is on your side, and they are waiting for you to make a mistake they could use in court to convict you. Be polite and calm as you are being processed and moved from the scene of your arrest. Do not speak to other people in the police station or let down your guard. 

Avoid sharing details on any phone calls you make. You should assume that you are being recorded as soon as you enter the police station. 

Call a Criminal Defense Attorney Right Away

When you are given the chance to make a telephone call, contact a Victorville criminal defense lawyer first. At Moody Law, we offer free initial consultations and will respond to assist you as soon as possible. We can meet you at the police station and begin representing you immediately.

We will protect you from aggressive interview techniques by police and prosecutors. It will cost you nothing to get an experienced attorney by your side when they try to pressure you to confess. 

Stay Quiet About Your Case, Even After Bail

Our criminal defense attorneys will push to have you released on bail until your trial. You may breathe a sigh of relief to get back home, but you must still be careful about what you say. Speaking to your family or friends is a natural response to the traumatic event of being arrested. However, if you say too much, it could cause harm to your case.

You should not share your story with anyone besides your attorney. This includes in-person talks, emails, calls, texts, or posts on social media. The prosecution could subpoena your friends and family as witnesses against you if they think it may help their case. 

Defenses Against Victorville, CA, Criminal Defense Charges

The Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution provides the right to a speedy public trial by a jury of your peers and the right to have legal representation for that trial. A criminal charge means your entire way of life hangs in the balance. You must rely on experienced legal counsel to have the best chance of having your charges reduced or dismissed.

Your Victorville criminal defense attorney from Moody Law knows how the justice system works and how to use the law to your greatest advantage. They will assess your situation and develop a defense strategy using techniques such as:

Forced Confession

If you are not expecting the charges and are caught off guard, you may not be thinking clearly when you are interviewed. If you do not call a qualified criminal defense attorney right away, you are at the mercy of police and prosecutors as they use underhanded techniques. After hours of being badgered and harassed, you could be willing to say anything to get them to stop.

Your attorney will investigate the proceedings and identify any ways you may have been coerced into confessing to a crime. They will show how you were tired or frustrated, or how you were bullied by interviewers. 


Sometimes, you may become involved in a bad situation because someone threatened, blackmailed, or forced you to commit a criminal offense. You may have shot someone to defend yourself or another person. Perhaps your family was threatened if you did not commit fraud. 

Your attorney must collect strong evidence that you were coerced or acting under duress and had no other choice. A valuable technique is to show that you had no other reason to act in a criminal way except in self-defense. 

Inconsistent Testimony

Sometimes, a witness tells a different story each time, changes details, or has trouble remembering what happened. Your attorney can use these inconsistencies to poke holes in the prosecution’s case. Finding out that a witness has a criminal record involving dishonesty can reduce their credibility against you. 

Entrapment by Authorities

Frequently used as a defense against drug charges, this strategy depends on showing that law enforcement officers persuaded or encouraged you to commit a crime to get evidence against you. It is not enough that they offer the opportunity to commit the crime. They must have intimidated you to behave in a way you would not have on your own.

Your lawyer must show proof that the officers’ actions are what lead to your behavior.

Improper Police Conduct or Procedures

If the police and prosecutors treated you in an illegal, unfair, or improper manner, your attorney will use this defense to fight back against your charges. Authorities must follow strict protocols when arresting, transporting, testing, and interrogating individuals. When they fail to follow these rules, your lawyer can use this to attack and weaken their testimony. 

At Moody Law, our criminal defense attorneys will examine every statement and act by authorities to find potential violations of your rights. We will have chemical tests reviewed and retested to ensure you are not being charged with evidence that should be thrown out. With this approach, your attorney can ask to have your charges reduced or dismissed.

Reasonable Doubt

The prosecution must show, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the evidence supports convicting you of the criminal charges. The burden of proof is on them, so your criminal defense attorney will work hard to increase doubt of your guilt in the minds of the jury and judge. 

Your lawyer will provide any available evidence showing that someone else could have committed the crime or that you could not have been the person who did it. Your attorney can maintain your innocence to the jury and create reasonable doubt by providing an alibi or demonstrating that there is no solid proof that you deserve punishment for the charges. 

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Fight for You From Start to End 

At Moody Law, we aggressively fight back against the authorities who want to see you suffer penalties. We handle every aspect of your criminal defense case and will help you mentally prepare to appear in court. We focus on achieving the best possible outcome for your unique situation. 

We offer support such as:

  • Educated advice from the first call: Whether you call us before or after you are arrested, we are on your side to protect your rights immediately. We will meet you anywhere and anytime to discuss your legal options. 
  • Representation at bail hearings: To receive bail, you need an experienced professional who knows how to improve your chances and get the lowest bail required. Do not risk having bail denied by going it alone.
  • Protection for your rights: You will likely be arrested before the police have all the evidence. They will investigate with the goal of convicting you, potentially overlooking information that could be in your favor. Your attorney will work to prevent this and produce evidence to build your case. 
  • Speak with prosecutors and law enforcement for you: Remember that staying silent is the first way to protect your rights. Your attorney will answer for you and advise you when to speak during interviews, bail hearings, and in court. They will also prevent illegally obtained statements from going to court.


In addition to working hard to reduce your charges or have them dismissed, the most effective criminal defense attorneys will be honest with you about your case. If it seems likely that you will be convicted of the charges, they can help you negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney. 

While these bargains mean you must plead guilty, it is usually to a lesser charge than you initially faced, so you will have reduced penalties. Plea bargains can mean the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor, with thousands less in fines and much less time in jail or prison.

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Being charged with criminal charges in California is a serious matter with extremely serious consequences if you do not have the right representation. The “Three Strikes” law could have you facing up to 25 years to life in a state prison if you have previous felonies on your record. Do not risk even one day more behind bars than necessary by calling our Victorville criminal defense lawyers today.

Moody Law is committed to serving every client with compassion and without judgment for the charges they face. We put our expertise and knowledge of criminal law to work defending you through the confusing justice system. We are there for you from start to finish.

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